In a challenging and unpredictable environment business leaders and entrepreneurs seek peace of mind. When you need to engage with key stakeholders who are the partners you can rely on and how can you protect and promote your reputation? Clarity in these areas is essential.

The collaboration between McDonnell & Partners and Urus Advisory combines public relations with a strong dose of due diligence and analytics to protect businesses across Russian-speaking markets. We call it True Diligence.

Who we are and what we do

We are journalists, investigators, analysts, researchers and communicators. We protect our clients through every stage of the business cycle, from launch and growth, through mergers and acquisitions, to successful exits.

Why it matters

We work in increasingly complex environments, where key industries - financial, data management, media - are constantly changing, facing disruption. These changes create new risks, requiring a new skill-set to protect businesses.

Where/Who we can help

We work with multinationals and high net-worth individuals in Russian-speaking markets to mitigate risk, enabling clients to focus on their business. We respond to major crises, including mass loss of life, fraud, corruption and reputation damage.

How we can help

We protect clients from internal and external threats including fraud and hostile third-parties, we identify and engage with key stakeholders including competitors and the media. We establish and nurture key relationships before you need to depend on them.